Convenient storage solutions are a must for the modern kitchen. Plenty of storage is neccessory and we offer a complete range of wireworks, baskets and carousel options to make the most of your cupboard space. Another must is our range of built in sorting bins.

Corner Carousel:

In a traditional L-shaped corner base unit a carousel can be fitted for convenience.  As the name suggests, the carousel rotates in the unit meaning that you have 360° access to all the items stored in it, offering easy access to an otherwise hard to reach corner.


Pull Out Larder:

Pull out larders, as shown, provide very easy access to food items. When the cabinet door pulls out, baskets pull out from the cabinet meaning that you can see exactly what you have in the press.    These are extremely popular and sturdy for everyday use.


Pull Out Wire Baskets:

Basically, similar to the pull out base larder above but this time the wire baskets are on seperate runners so that they can be pulled out individually.  Being wire baskets, air can easily circulate through them meaning that even vegetables can be stored away in them.


Pull Out Base:

These pull out base units are an absolute must in your kitchen.  They are especially convenient around cooking areas in the kitchen so that regularly used food items can be stored and accessed very easily. 


Built In Sorting Bins:

Discover our clever and innovative waste organisers. These simple aesthetically designed kitchen bins will enable you to keep your kitchen waste in order and out of sight while also enabling you to separate your waste and recycling with easy disposal of the recycled waste once full.


Consumable Drawer

If you're looking for a way to store consumable items used in everyday baking and cooking, then this consumables drawer may be the answer.  These are especially useful if there is no room for a larder or pantry in your kitchen, or where a contemporary kitchen design lends itself to more drawers than presses.  Dividers are added to seperate items and keep the drawer neat and tidy, meaning you won't be finding a tin of beans at the back of the press that went out of date six months previously.